6 Common Reception Counter Materials

Reception counters act as welcoming fixtures that guests would notice first upon entering your workplace. It has to be well designed and elegant to entice your customers to inquire and ask for information about your business. These counters can be made out of wide range of materials. Here are 6 of the most common types of reception counters that can be used in an office.Lamination is done through the construction of a sheet of particleboard or a plastic resin casing plywood. Today’s printing innovation also allows laminate to imitate metal, stone, or wood counter tops minus the expenses used in real materials. It costs less and is easy to clean. However, reception counters of this type can be easily scratched and is hard to repair when deeply damaged.Natural stone is durable and elegant looking. It never goes out of style and is heat resistant. It can also be acquired in different hue variation to suit the motif in your workplace. The most widely used stones are marble and granite, but soapstone and limestone are also frequently used.

However, during installation, it has to be carefully sealed because the material is naturally porous. Reception counters made of softer stone are also subject to cracks if not well maintained. In addition, this type is the most expensive material.Quartz-surfacing is a process in which cultures stone counters are made out of pigment stones and quartz. It is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. This material is also heat, scratch and stain resistant. However, it costs almost as much as the natural stone.Ceramics like tiles are also used for reception counters. They come in different colors and can mimic natural stones. It is easy to install and costs relatively less However, it is subject to cracking and breaking off and requires high cleaning maintenance.Wood is a common material for reception counters. It adds a vintage and warm vibe to your concierge and can easily be constructed according to your preference. Although it is durable and long lasting, wooden material is highly vulnerable to heat, corrosive chemicals, acid, moisture and stains. It also expands or shrinks with extreme humidity or dryness.Stainless steel is known for its durability and sturdiness. Other metals used on reception counters are pewter, copper, and zinc. However, once some dent appears on your reception counter, it might be hard to repair and costs a lot. Get more info at http://www.grandhomedesign.com/interior-home-improvement/popular-roll-top-desks-from-ashley-furniture-and-wilshire-furniture/.

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